Dr. Brenna Tindall has over 10 years of experience in the field.

Dr. Brenna Tindall has been practicing in the field for over 10 years and is a Licensed Psychologist, Certified Addiction Specialist III, and on the Certified Sex Offender Management Board, and the Domestic Violence Management Board. She conducts a variety of evaluations such as psychological, diminished capacity, NGRI, competency, psychosexual, domestic violence, learning disability, cognitive, child contact screens, and trauma assessments. With her comprehensive qualifications and experience, she provides lawyers with the strategies they need to work with their clients.

Dr. Brenna Tindall & Associates is a practice of Comprehensive Forensic Consulting. Our specialties include forensic evaluations, forensic-based trainings, and forensic consulting. Together, we work as mitigation experts as well as consulting attorneys and clients in various capacities. We help advise mental health strategies, act as jury consultants, prepare clients and their families for the legal process, and review documents.

Helping to better serve your needs.

We have a researcher, social worker, and legal consultant on staff to help better serve your needs and find the best possible strategy for your unique case. Before any evaluation, Dr. Tindall starts with a consultation to help come up with a customized strategy to better suit your client, trial, hearing, or case needs.

Our main goal is to guide you along any process that may arise and provide expert resources to build a solid case and the comfort of knowing that we’ve examined every angle.

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