Dr. Tindall offers a broad array of evaluations including Mitigation Psychological Evaluations, Mental State at the Time of Offense (MSO), Insanity, Competency, Sex Offense Specific, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, Cognitive, Animal Cruelty, etc.

We evaluate all ages of clients, starting at age 10. Our talent is finding a way to build rapport and connect with each client's experience.


Our goal is to provide you with the resources you need to deliver the best possible solution. We provide an extensive range of evaluations and consulting services that include analysis of client cases, research, expert testimony, preparation of summary reports, reviewing case records and more.

Expert Witness Services

After consulting and determining the best possible solution we can provide you with an expert witness. An expert witness will draw from their independent expertise and analysis to testify in court hearings to help your case.

Litigation Consulting

Our experienced consultants are here to help attorneys develop the best trial strategy. We serve as the point of contact between you and our skilled team of consultants. Our extensive range of forensic evaluations include juvenile delinquency, adult criminal, civil/personal injury, child custody, and more.

Trial Prep

At Dr. Brenna Tindall & Associates, we know how stressful a trial can be and we want you to be prepared. We offer extensive training with experts to go over a step-by-step plan to better prepare you. Everything from communication techniques and specific case-related information, to demeanor and dress code is covered in the prep session. Dr. Tindall can assist trial team members in assessing credibility, believability, and likeability. Based on the results of their evaluation, the trial strategy may need to be modified.

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